May 9, 2012

Rouge passion, Hand painted Tea set by Nini Violette


anna maria said...

Bonjour ! :) my french isnt really good, so i write in english ! I love this blog , i'm going crazy of all that beautiful stuff:) i will write a post about your side with a link and a few pictures in my blog so that more people can enjoy it! Hope thats okay :) if not - write me @ : .... Hope you have a nice day :)

anna maria said...

And ...thank you for being a new reader of mine <3 :)

Lilian K. Parachen said...

Olá Nini,

Que maravilhoso!!!!!
Adorei as cores, os detalhes, enfim, adorei tudo!!!

Parabéns por seu telento incrível!!!



Nini Violette said...

Obrigado Lilian for your nice comment!

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Ótimas publicações!


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